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FIT4U is all about GPP (General Physical Preparedness), and GPP is all about being well-rounded and preparing for “unknown” challenges. It’s a training methodology and mindset that helps prepare athletes for whatever life throws their way. Our FIT4U workouts help athletes improve their GPP through a unique combination of high-power functional movements, relative intensity, and conscious variety of duration-loading-volume-complexity. Every day brings a new and exciting challenge to FITRU! In this incredibly diverse program, athletes will literally train everything to be prepared for anything. Some workouts might be a sprint (short, fast, and light) while others might be a grind (long, slow, and heavy). Movements will include everything from cardio and gymnastics to powerlifting and Olympic lifting. FIT4U will touch all ends of the fitness spectrum but on most days athletes will train right in “the middle” for the most intensity and greatest power output! If you’re looking for a high-powered, exciting, and challenging program...FIT4U is it.

Our goal with our FIT4U program is to produce the greatest positive impact on the long-term fitness and health of our athletes. We are programming for the highest degree of general physical preparedness (GPP). In short, we want our FIT4U athletes to be extremely well-rounded! We firmly believe the best way to accomplish this goal is through the smart application of the elements of intentional variance, relative intensity, and functional movements. The FIT4U program is comprised of workouts of all shapes and sizes, and it is definitely challenging. It’s a program that will expose weaknesses quickly which make it a tremendous training protocol for athletes seeking a daily challenge. With that being said, everything we do in FIT4U is scalable up or down to the lowest and highest ends. The ability to adjust the program to meet the needs of your clientele means that every workout can be made appropriate for both your fittest athletes and newest athletes.

Long-Term Goals
The long-term goal of FIT4U is to provide athletes with the greatest degree of GPP over the years of their life. This is accomplished by consistently exposing athletes to the broadest range of stimuli (duration, loading, volume, and complexity). Additionally, coaches are responsible for the proper administration of the workouts by taking into account the quality of movement and quality of effort of each individual athlete. The long-term goals for FIT4U do not change; however, we reevaluate our approach to achieving this goal on an annual basis.

Short-Term Goals
Short-term goals for FIT4U are applied on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. These short-term goals help angle or lightly bias the program toward a more specific focus. The short-term monthly or bi-monthly goals are determined by the NCFIT Programming Team at the beginning of each year. A year-long snapshot of both the long-term and short-term goals is published at the outset of each year. On a monthly basis, the short-term goals are explained in more detail for both coaches and athletes.

“Best For…”
FIT4U (NCMETCON) is likely best suited for athletes looking for a diverse and challenging workout experience. Because FIT4U workouts touch all ranges of the spectrum, athletes can expect some workouts to play in their favor while others will be extremely challenging and humbling. FIT4U can be appropriate for athletes of all levels of skill and experience; however, it should be consciously and carefully adjusted for beginner athletes. For all athletes, FIT4U should be tackled with a “present state” mindset. Workouts should be adjusted to meet the athlete’s current state, needs, and goals.


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