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LETSGO is our Dumbbell Only program. NCGO is specifically designed to be performed with limited equipment. Following a unique week-long template, LETSGO mixes full-body, push x pull, and sprint x sweat formats to deliver an amazing week, every week. All Dumbbells. All Results...with LETSGO.

LETSGO is the best High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program athletes can find at home, on the road, or just getting after it on the go. And all that’s really needed to get started is your Body, a pair of Dumbbells and a Jump Rope. NCGO is designed to give athletes amazing fat-burning and muscle-building workouts with minimal equipment. NCGO athletes won’t need to spend hours at the gym to get the results they want. We’ve got it covered all the way from your warm-up and workout to your cool-down and core finisher...all in about 45 minutes or less. Every NCGO workout is designed specifically around a major movement focus that will keep athletes on track and guarantee the best results. From our complete Full-Body workouts to Push x Pull or Sweat workouts, athletes get their best workout in every workout. Let’s GO!

Long-Term Goals
Simple equipment, great results! Increasing overall fitness and bolstering longevity in health and movement are the primary goals of NCGO. Building stronger humans, both mentally and physically, that are able to move well and live their life to the fullest. The weekly breakdown of the program will remain constant (MON - SUN will always have the same theme); however, the amount of combinations and stimuli are innumerable...every day the workout will deliver something new while remaining true to the theme.

Short-Term Goals
Efficiency is the name of the game every day in NCGO! Athletes are coming to their mat ready to get in, get sweaty, and get out, knowing they’re in for the best 45 minutes of their day- every day. With 2 Full-Body, 2 Push-Pull, 2 Sweat, and 1 Squat workout each week, athletes are able to plan accordingly and get 1-7 balanced, full-body workouts each week! Each month, NCGO dives deeper into movement patterns to develop strength and endurance over the long term. These focuses will help athletes develop particular movements or skills which over time will enhance their overall fitness.

“Best For…”
LETSGO (NCGO) is best for athletes with limited time, space, or equipment. NCGO workouts are designed to get athletes everything they need in weeks worth of training -- fitter, faster, stronger! Many NCGO athletes are balancing life, work, family, and fitness. The combination of simple equipment, high power movements, and a well balanced week make this program great for any athlete getting after it at home, on the road, or in the gym.

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